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About DeLIver: DeLIver is an experimental search system that you can access via the World WideWeb. It contains tens of thousands of articles from more than 50 engineering, physics and computer science journals published from 1995 to the present. DeLIver offers features not available in most other search systems. It allows you to search and view specific parts of the article, such as the figures, or references. This allows you to "fine tune" a search and get more relevant results. You can also access full-text articles from your desktop computer.

New and enhanced features are being developed or explored for the next generation of this system - DeLIver NG. These include using eXtensible Markup Language (XML), metadata (RDF/Dublin Core), cascading style sheet (CSS) styled math, and an interface for searching for mathematics within articles. During the dynamic conversion to SGML, HTML, or XML, the full-text of the articles is being merged with the metadata. This adds links to Abstracting and Indexing services for the article itself, and all its citations. Links to the full-text of articles is added to the citations when it is available. Also, links to articles which cite the current article are also maintained. [Click here to test drive the experimental version of DeLIver NG.]

Search Deliver: Go here to do a search. Don't forget to download Panorama first if you want to view the full-text of the articles. If you want to check out the system first, you can do the search and get the results just using Netscape 3.0 or greater.
Browse Journals: DeLIver offers users a way to browse the collection. Browsing journals will bring you to a list of the journal titles offered in our collection which will each in turn take you to a list of the issues of each journal. Selection of an issue will bring up the table of contents, each title of which is linked to the full text of the article. You may find this to be a quick and easy way to get to journal articles which you know you want, or to simply see what is available.
Download Software: DeLIver's articles are marked up in Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and are not viewable with just a standard web browser like Netscape. To view these documents, you will need to download free software (for PCs ONLY*), called Panorama, by SoftQuad (recently sold to Interleaf). We're providing an automatic download for you, and we're available for questions via email.
Related resources: will take you to related home pages and to ways to search for information , including the UIUC online catalog and other library online databases, the Grainger Engineering Library home page, the UIUC Physics Library home page, and indexing and abstracting services.
Quick Tips: will give you fast, abbreviated information on how best to use the system.
Help: For more extensive help, check out our Help pages.

D-Lib Forum D-Lib Test Suite DLI at UIUC About DeLIver Quick Tips Help
< Search DeLIver > < Browse Journals > Download Software Related Resources

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