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University of California at Berkeley
Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems

University of California at Santa Barbara
The Alexandria Project:
Spatially-referenced Map Information

Carnegie Mellon University
Informedia Digital Video Library

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Federating Repositories of Scientific Literature

University of Michigan
Intelligent Agents for Information Location

Stanford University
Interoperation Mechanisms Among Heterogeneous Services

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DLI Workshop Series

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The Initiative's focus is to dramatically advance the means to collect, store, and organize information in digital forms, and make it available for searching, retrieval, and processing via communication networks -- all in user-friendly ways.

Digital Libraries basically store materials in electronic format and manipulate large collections of those materials effectively. Research into digital libraries is research into network information systems, concentrating on how to develop the necessary infrastructure to effectively mass-manipulate the information on the Net.. The key technological issues are how to search and display desired selections from and across large collections.  Summaries of the six DLI projects from the May 1996, Special Issue on Digital Libraries in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Computer Magazine.

The magazine of digital library research, the D-Lib Magazine, including the July/August 1996 issue The DLI Testbeds: Today and Tomorrow.

Digital Library conference information, publications, related projects and resources to the DLI, Digital Library Related Information and Resources.

NSF Digital Libraries Contact

National Synchronization for the Digital Library Initiative is being coordinated by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and supported by a supplemental grant by the National Science Foundation.

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